Open Hours Guru was born from a simple question: “Are they open?”

The idea behind this website was born from my passion for food. My name is Daniyal Khan, and while my background is in freelance writing and SEO (specializing in WordPress), I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the diverse and delicious world of American cuisine.

I’m endlessly curious about those regional joints, national chains, and unique mom-and-pop places that are so much a part of American life.

I dedicate countless hours to researching and understanding the nuances of American restaurants – their menus, their ambiance, and, of course, their operating hours.

Finding the right information on restaurant hours shouldn’t be an epic quest.

The Importance of Accuracy

I believe strongly in the wisdom of the quote, “Do what you love and love what you do.” Open Hours Guru is my way of pairing my passion for food with my skills in research and writing.

Nothing ruins a perfectly planned outing like arriving at a restaurant only to find it’s closed.

Accuracy is Key

I’m committed to giving you the most accurate information. My process involves gathering restaurant hours directly from the source—the restaurants themselves, their official websites, and reliable online resources.

My commitment to you is that I update information every month to ensure you have what you need for a smooth dining experience.

How Can You Help?

Open Hours Guru is a community effort. If you notice any discrepancies, have a new restaurant suggestion, or just want to say hello, please visit our Contact Us page. I welcome your feedback!

A Little Extra

Open Hours Guru is built on respect for your privacy—we take data protection seriously, please see our Privacy Policy.