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Whole Foods Breakfast Hours: Menu, Prices & options near you [2024 Guide]

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Mornings are rushed, and finding a healthy breakfast can be a challenge. Imagine breezing into Whole Foods, knowing exactly their Whole Foods breakfast hours and what delicious, wholesome options await you.

Picture this – hot breakfast burritos packed with flavor, fluffy pancakes made with the finest ingredients, vibrant fruit salads bursting with freshness, and freshly squeezed juices to awaken your senses.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to start your day fueled by nutritious and tasty food without the hassle?

This guide unlocks all you need to know about Whole Foods breakfast hours.

Find out when they serve breakfast, discover their menu (even the hidden gems), how to find Whole Foods market near you and make the most of your next breakfast run!

What is Whole Foods?

Whole Foods Market is an American supermarket chain dedicated to organic and healthy food. Founded in Austin, Texas in 1980, they’ve grown to over 500 stores across the US and Canada.

Whole Foods Market is a leading natural and organic foods supermarket chain.

With a focus on quality, healthy ingredients, and ethical sourcing, they’ve become a popular destination for food lovers.

Their commitment to fresh, minimally processed food extends to their fantastic breakfast selections.

Understanding Whole Foods Breakfast Hours

Mornings can be hectic. Knowing exactly when they serves breakfast is a lifesaver – it lets you plan your day with zero food-related stress.

Picture this – you roll up to Whole Foods, stomach growling…only to discover they’ve switched to lunch.

Yikes! Knowing the hours saves you from that disappointment. Those breakfast hours help you plan accordingly.

Whether you’re a morning person craving a healthy start or someone who rolls out of bed later, you can make the most of Whole Foods offerings.

While most of thier stores start serving breakfast around 7:00 AM and wrap things up around 10:00 or 11:00 AM,  there can be slight variations based on your closest store. 

The good news is, finding the exact hours for your location is super easy (we’ll get to that soon!).

DayBreakfast Opening HoursBreakfast Closing Hours
Monday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Tuesday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Wednesday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Thursday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Friday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Saturday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Sunday7:00 AM11:00 AM

What Time Does Whole Foods Start Serving Breakfast?

While most locations open their doors at 7:00 am, breakfast service typically kicks off around 8:00 am.

This is when their hot breakfast bars come alive, offering a delectable spread of options.

Whole Foods ditches the traditional breakfast service timeframe. They focus on offering breakfast-friendly options throughout most of their operating hours.

This means prepared food sections like the bakery and hot bar typically start stocking breakfast items as soon as they open.

Think 8:00 am on weekdays and 9:00 am on weekends for most locations.

So, early birds can grab a delicious and nutritious breakfast burrito or a refreshing fruit cup to kickstart their day!

Image Source: Whole Foods Breakfast Hours

What Time Does Whole Foods Stop Serving Breakfast?

Here’s the thing to remember about Whole Foods breakfast: there isn’t a strict “end time.” They keep their prepared food sections stocked throughout the day.

While you can grab coffee and pre-packaged breakfast items throughout the day at Whole Foods,

their hot breakfast service has a set timeframe. Hot breakfast bars typically stop serving food around 11:00 am.

This doesn’t mean your breakfast options vanish after 11:00 am!  They still have a wide selection of grab-and-go options available,

like yogurt parfaits, fruit cups, and pre-made breakfast sandwiches.

You can also find a treasure trove of fresh fruits, bakery items, and other healthy snacks to create your own breakfast on the go.

Whole Foods Breakfast Menu

While a full breakfast menu might not be available at every location, Whole Foods offers a variety of grab-and-go breakfast options that are both satisfying and nutritious. Here are some popular choices:

  • Whole Foods Breakfast Burrito: Scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage, and veggies wrapped in a warm tortilla. Perfect for a protein-packed start.
  • Whole Foods Breakfast Sandwich: Choose from various fillings like eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, or avocado on toasted bagels or English muffins.
Image Source: Whole Foods Breakfast Hours

Whole Foods Market takes a unique approach to breakfast, offering a variety of delicious options integrated within their prepared food sections.

Unlike a typical restaurant menu, you won’t find a single list with prices. Instead, explore the bounty of their offerings, catering to diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Here’s a breakdown of some breakfast favorites:

Breakfast BurritoA warm tortilla enveloping scrambled eggs, melty cheese, and your choice of protein like savory sausage or chorizo. Fresh vegetables add a vibrant crunch, making it a satisfying and convenient on-the-go breakfast.
Breakfast SandwichBecome your own breakfast architect! Choose from freshly baked bread and cage-free eggs cooked to your preference. Add nitrate-free bacon for a touch of indulgence, and select your favorite cheese. Don’t forget to personalize it further with toppings like avocado slices or a sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning.
Grain PancakesMade with whole-wheat flour and fluffy buttermilk batter, these pancakes offer a healthier take on a classic breakfast favorite. Pair them with fresh fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup for a delightful start to your day.
Breakfast WrapsThink beyond the burrito! Whole Foods offers breakfast wraps filled with scrambled eggs, a medley of fresh vegetables, and melty cheese, all conveniently wrapped in a portable format. Perfect for a quick and delicious bite.
Fresh Fruits & Yogurt ParfaitsStock up on a vibrant array of seasonal fruits or create your own yogurt parfait masterpiece. Layer Greek yogurt with granola, berries, and a drizzle of honey for a protein-packed and delightful breakfast.
Wholesome Oatmeal VarietiesChoose from steel-cut or rolled oats, the base for a fiber-rich and satisfying breakfast. Top yours with a variety of options like nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit to create a customized oatmeal bowl.
Freshly Squeezed JuicesJumpstart your day with a refreshing dose of vitamins from freshly squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice.
SmoothiesWhole Foods offers a selection of pre-made smoothies packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Alternatively, create your own custom smoothie blend using fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurt.
Specialty PizzasBreakfast isn’t limited to the usual suspects! Explore Whole Foods’ selection of pizzas throughout the day. Opt for lighter options featuring goat cheese and fig or a classic veggie combo for a unique and flavorful breakfast choice.
Coffee & TeaWhole Foods offers freshly brewed coffee made with organic beans to get your morning buzz going. They also have a selection of hot teas to cater to different preferences.
Table containing Whole Foods Breakfast Menu details

Find Whole Foods Breakfast Hours Near You in 4 Easy Steps

Since breakfast hours vary by location, the best way to find out your local Whole Foods schedule is to check their website or call the store directly.

Step 1: Visit the Whole Foods Market Website:

Head over to the official Whole Foods Market website:

Image Source: Whole Foods Breakfast Hours

Step 2: Locate Your Nearest Store:

There are two ways to do this:

  • Search Bar: Look for the search bar at the top right corner of the website. Type in your zip code or city and state. The website will automatically display a list of nearby stores.
  • Store Locator: Alternatively, hover over the “Find a Store” tab on the top navigation bar. A dropdown menu will appear.
  • Click on “Store Locator.” This will take you to a dedicated page with an interactive map. You can zoom in on your location and find the closest Whole Foods Market.
  • You can simply see in this image.
Image Source: Whole Foods Breakfast Hours

Step 3: View Store Details:

Once you’ve found your preferred store on the map or search results, click on its name. This will display a dedicated page for that specific location.

Image Source: Whole Foods Breakfast Hours

Step 4: Find Breakfast Hours:

Look for the store’s operating hours section. Breakfast hours might be listed separately from regular store hours. If breakfast hours aren’t explicitly mentioned, you can try these options:

  • Scroll down: Some stores might list breakfast hours under additional information or FAQs on their store page.
  • Contact the Store: Click on the phone number displayed on the page and give them a quick call to confirm breakfast hours.

Bonus Tip: While Whole Foods doesn’t offer breakfast buffets at all locations, some stores might have seasonal offerings. You can inquire about any breakfast buffets during your call or by checking the store’s social media pages.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can easily find the breakfast service hours of your nearest Whole Foods Market and enjoy a delicious and healthy start to your day!

Customer Support and Contact Information for Whole Foods Market

Even with this guide, you might have additional questions about Whole Foods breakfast offerings or encounter an issue at a specific location.

Here’s how to get in touch with Whole Foods Market customer support:

  • Phone: For the fastest response, call their customer service line at 1-844-WFM-TALK (1-844-936-8255).
  • Gift Card Support: If you have questions regarding your Whole Foods Market gift card, they have a dedicated line at 1-844-936-2273.
  • Live Chat: For those who prefer online communication, Whole Foods offers a live chat option available from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM daily (
  • Web Form: For inquiries outside of live chat hours, you can submit a web form on their website (
Image Source: Whole Foods Breakfast Hours

What are the price ranges for Whole Foods breakfast options?

Whole Foods is known for its high-quality ingredients, which can be reflected in the price point. Breakfast options typically range from around $5 for yogurt parfaits or oatmeal to $10 or more for elaborate breakfast bowls or burritos.

Exploring Whole Foods Breakfast Specialties

Beyond the basic breakfast fare, Whole Foods offers a treasure trove of healthy and delicious options:

  • Fresh Fruits and Smoothies: Pack a vitamin punch with their seasonal fruit selection or grab a pre-made smoothie bursting with flavor and essential nutrients.
  • Wholesome Oatmeal Varieties: A timeless breakfast choice, Whole Foods offers hot and cold oatmeals with toppings like nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit for a customizable and satisfying meal.

Do Whole Foods Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, unfortunately. As mentioned earlier, breakfast service has a dedicated window, typically ending around midday.

What Can You Do if You Miss Breakfast Hours at Whole Foods?

Don’t despair! Whole Foods offers a vast selection of grab-and-go breakfast items you can take home and prepare at your own pace.

Stock up on yogurt, granola, fruit, and pre-cooked breakfast sausages for those mornings when you hit the snooze button one too many times.

Whole Foods Breakfast Review

Customer reviews consistently praise the quality, variety, and taste of Whole Foods breakfast offerings.

However, the lack of a national breakfast menu and limited service hours can be drawbacks for some.

What People Are Saying About Whole Foods Breakfast

Don’t just take our word for it! See what real customers have to say about Whole Foods breakfast:

“Outstanding assortment of healthy food. My bacon, potatoes, and scrambled eggs to-go were the perfect start to my day!” – Phillip H. (via TripAdvisor)

“Best salad bar in the city… and a great breakfast spot too! Don’t shop hungry, but if you do, it’ll be delicious.” – FrankNewYorkCity (via TripAdvisor)

“Healthy, affordable, and a lifesaver when you’re in the city and craving a good breakfast.” – SarahK281 (via TripAdvisor)

But this is just one branch reviews, you can simply search “Wholes Food Market review in [Your city name]” on google and you will find reviews on trusted websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor or any other relevant source.

Can You Take the Whole Foods Breakfast to Your Room?

While some Whole Foods locations offer in-store seating, most don’t have a dedicated dine-in area.

However, their breakfast options are perfect for takeout and enjoying at home or the office.

Special Features Offered By Whole Foods

Beyond breakfast, Whole Foods offers a variety of specialty departments like their bakery with fresh-baked bread and pastries.

This makes them a one-stop shop for all your breakfast needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Whole Foods start serving breakfast?

Breakfast service typically begins around 7:00 am at most locations.

When does Whole Foods stop serving breakfast?

Breakfast service typically ends between 10:30 am and 11:00 am.

Does Whole Foods have a kids’ breakfast menu?

While there isn’t a dedicated kids’ menu, Whole Foods offers plenty of kid-friendly breakfast options like yogurt parfaits, fruit cups, and whole-wheat waffles.

Does Whole Foods have vegan and gluten-free breakfast options?

Absolutely! Whole Foods caters to various dietary needs, offering vegan and gluten-free breakfast options like plant-based yogurt and gluten-free pancakes.

Does Whole Foods have a breakfast buffet?

While some locations may offer seasonal buffets, most Whole Foods don’t have a permanent breakfast buffet option.

Does Whole Foods offer organic breakfast options?

Yes! A core principle of Whole Foods Market is their focus on organic and natural foods. This extends to their breakfast offerings, so you can feel good about the quality of ingredients you’re consuming.

Can I order Whole Foods breakfast online?

While some locations may offer online ordering through services like Instacart, breakfast service typically isn’t available for online delivery. However, you can always check your local store’s options.

Is there a minimum purchase required to buy Whole Foods breakfast items?

No, there’s no minimum purchase required to buy breakfast items at Whole Foods. You can grab a single yogurt or a pre-made smoothie without any worries.

Does Whole Foods offer any discounts on breakfast items?

Whole Foods occasionally runs promotions and discounts on various products, including breakfast items. Be sure to check their weekly circular or app for current deals.

What are the benefits of eating breakfast at Whole Foods?

There are several benefits to grabbing breakfast at Whole Foods:

  • Convenience: Their prepared options are perfect for busy mornings when you don’t have time to cook.
  • Variety: From classic breakfast burritos to healthy oatmeal bowls, there’s something for everyone.
  • Quality Ingredients: Whole Foods focuses on fresh, high-quality ingredients, ensuring a nutritious and delicious breakfast.
  • Dietary Needs: They cater to various dietary needs with vegan, gluten-free, and other specialty options.

Does Whole Foods offer delivery or pick-up for breakfast items?

While some Whole Foods locations may offer delivery or pick-up services through services like Instacart or Amazon Prime, it’s not a guaranteed option at every store. It’s best to check with your local store directly to see if breakfast delivery or pick-up is available.


Whole Foods Market can be your go-to spot for a delicious and convenient breakfast, but planning is key.

With their focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and a variety of options, there’s something to satisfy every taste bud.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Breakfast service hours vary by location, typically starting around 7:00 am and ending between 10:30 am and 11:00 am.
  • Check your local Whole Foods website or call the store directly to confirm breakfast hours.
  • Don’t miss breakfast hours! Stock up on grab-and-go options for mornings when you’re running late.

So, next time you’re looking for a way to energize your morning, head to your local Whole Foods Market.

With a little planning, you can enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast that will keep you going all day long!

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